La Fronda

The Greenery

On a 1,400 m2 lot with over 20 mature trees, we designed and built a housing complex featuring 11 comfortable homes (235 m2) laid out in a zig-zag pattern. The original vegetation was preserved, inspiring the design of the complex’s many patios.

The project is located in the southern part of México City, in the heart of the carefully preserved 18th century Tlalpan neighborhood.

Each house has a view framed by the branches of one of the large trees, and each enjoys abundant natural light filtered through the vegetation surounding its attached patio. The private areas of the homes feature a split-level design, which enables high cielings and open spaces in the common areas as well as efficient circulation.

The complex is designed to be sustainable by incorporating energy efficiency, water recycling and reuse, and green roof gardens in all of the units

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    Cruz Verde 6, Tlalpan, Ciudad de México

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